603-EAP-FD APPLIED ENGLISH: Shifting Tides in 21st-Century Society

Option 65

Print-based and online course with online assignments (in English)


Being able to analyze discourses from different disciplines is an essential skill you will frequently use during your CEGEP studies and beyond. As readers, writers, and citizens, we are required to read and think critically about various forms of media such as printed or digital text, websites, oral presentations, and video. This course touches on four different areas within the social sciences that have been subject to some interesting shifts and trends in the 21st century: education, media studies, sustainable development, and gender studies. The course teaches you to analyze and critically respond to discourses on these topics and to evaluate them as potential sources for a research paper.

Computer resources required

To take this course, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the computer resources required to study at Cégep à distance, as well as the other materials listed below.

  • Microphone and speakers (preferably a combined headset)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Further information

  • This course is part of the general education component common to all DCS/DECs.