203-FPG-03 Astronomy

Option 65

Print-based and online course with online assignments (in English)

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Cours imprimé et en ligne, devoirs par Internet (en français)


In this course, you will learn to solve a simple astronomy problem by applying this scientific method. It will teach you basic notions in astronomy regarding the Sun and stars, planet Earth, and the Moon: the meridians and parallels; the celestial coordinates; the Earth?s rotational movement; the proof of the Earth?s orbit around the Sun; the Earth-Moon system; the phases of the moon. You will also be introduced to Kepler III software, which you will use to make observations in your virtual sky.

Computer resources required

To take this course, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the computer resources required to study at Cégep à distance, as well as the other materials listed below.

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word)
  • Optical drive for CDs
  • Scientific calculator

Further information

  • This course is part of the complementary general education component.