603-102-MQ Literary Genres: Formula Fiction

Option 65

Print-based and online course with online assignments (in English)


This course will develop your ability to apply a critical approach to literary genres. More specifically, you will learn to recognize formulas and literary elements in the works you read or view, and you will be guided through the process of reading, watching, and analyzing three different genres - detective/spy fiction, coming of age fiction, and ?chick lit?-in both books and films. While these genres are often maligned by critics and labelled as trivial by some English literature academics, they are undoubtedly the most popular genres with the reading public. As you study the works selected for this course, you will learn to appreciate these genres if you have never had a chance to enjoy them before or learn to understand them on new levels if you are already a fan.

Computer resources required

To take this course, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the computer resources required to study at Cégep à distance, as well as the other materials listed below.

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word)

Further information

  • This course is part of the general education component common to all DCS/DECs.