345-102-MQ WORLD VIEWS: Exploring Canadian World Views

Option 65

Print-based and online course with online assignments (in English)


This course examines how individuals, groups, societies and nations organize ideas, perceptions and values into explanatory patterns. More specifically, it focuses on the meaning of being Canadian, from a local, national and international perspective. You will explore major ideas and value systems by which diverse individuals, groups, societies and nations seek to explain the world and their place within it. You will apply a critical thought process to world views and learn how our national identity affects the way we perceive the world we live in, by defining our cultural, geographical and social position within the global context.

Computer resources required

To take this course, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the computer resources required to study at Cégep à distance, as well as the other materials listed below.

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word)
  • DVD player
  • Printer

Further information

  • This course is part of the general education component common to all DCS/DECs.