Block 1 - Know yourself


The learning style of an individual is defined as the set of cognitive, emotional, characteristic, and physiological factors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how a learner perceives, interacts with, and responds to the learning environment. (Keefe, 1979).

That being said, according to extensive research, the learning style of students does not differ according to whether courses are given in a classroom or online.

There are several tools for defining an individual’s learning style. For example, you can try the KOLB test on the TÉLUQ website. The typology of B. A. Soloman and R. M. Felder, as well as their questionnaire Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire, may also be of interest to you.

According to them, there are eight learning styles.


Theoretical notions

1. The eight learning styles

1. Actives vs. reflectives

Actives: Active learners tend to try and experiment, and they like group work because it puts them in the heart of the action.

Reflectives: Reflective learners prefer to think before acting.

2. Sensors vs. intuitors

Sensors: Sensing learners like to solve problems by first establishing a method.

Intuitors: Intuitive learners have a tendency to work fast and do not like work that involves repetition or work that involves a great deal of memorization and calculation.

3. Visuals vs. verbals

Visuals: Visual learners understand new information better when it is presented in the form of images, demonstrations, diagrams, films, and so on.

Verbals: Verbal learners integrate new information by writing it down, hearing it and repeating it aloud.

4. Sequentials vs. globals

Sequentials: Sequential learners integrate new knowledge by proceeding in a linear and logical fashion, step by step.

Globals: Global learners tend to learn by absorbing the subject matter at random and seek an overall generalized understanding of the concept.


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