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Do you need help preparing for the English Exit Exam (EEE)? Don't worry - we've got just the course for you. This individualized non-credit course helps you work through the exact areas that gave you trouble the first time. We start you off with a short diagnostic test to reveal exactly where you need to concentrate your efforts. Then you and your tutor will work together to create a Pathway to Success that sets out how much time you need to spend on various exercises to improve your skills. You'll work through a series of homework assignments and get feedback from your tutor to make sure you're on track to improving your grade. The course exam is like a trial run of the Exit Exam with detailed feedback to show you what you're doing right and where you need to pay closer attention. With in-depth explanations, guidance, tips and lots of practice etc.


Prerequisites: None

Hours: 60h

Ponderation: 4-0-2

Credits: 0

Assignments: 5



15 - Print-based course with paper-based assignments that are sent by mail (in English)

Particularities and material requirements

Computer requirements: None


Option 15: $175
Option 16: $155

Option 15: With the Textbook Exit with success! by Fran Davis and Susan Woodruff
Option 16: Without the textbook

This course is for students who failed the English Exit Exam in the last two years.

You must fill in and forward the Request for Access form to Cégep à distance at the same time as you register for this course in order to obtain a copy of your exam. You can find it on the page Official forms and documents of our website.

Non-credited course (see Registration process for non-credited courses)


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