Departure of Viet Pham, Director of Cégep à distance – Notice of interim appointment

Montréal, October 28, 2013 – The Collège de Rosemont announced on October 21 that Viet Pham would be stepping down as director of Cégep à distance. Mr. Pham explained that he is facing some health issues and would like to dedicate more time to his family. Still wishing to contribute to the Rosemont community, he has accepted the position of assistant director of continuing education at the Collège de Rosemont. Rosemont extends its warm thanks to Mr. Pham for his hard work and continued dedication as director of the Cégep à distance. He is leaving it in sound health, in a stage of full expansion and well-engaged in the achievement of its positioning plan. Management wishes him the best of luck in his new position.

Until a replacement is appointed for Mr. Pham next February, the Rosemont Director General Stéphane Godbout will take over the management of the Cégep à distance. To support him in this role, Mr. Godbout has retained the services of Robert Ducharme, who will oversee current internal operations. Mr. Ducharme served for several years as academic dean of the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme. He also chaired the Commission des affaires pédagogiques and has extensive management experience in the educational context. The management of Rosemont wishes him welcome and the best of success in his position.

About the Collège de Rosemont
The Collège de Rosemont has long valued the idea and practice of distance education, with its first correspondence courses offered in 1974. It was not by accident that, in 1991, Rosemont inherited the mandate to manage and develop Cégep à distance to serve the entire CEGEP network. At Cégep à distance, some 17,000 people enrol in one or more of the 250 courses offered each year, for a total of 27,000 course enrolments.

The Collège de Rosemont offers 16 pre-university and technical training programs, as well as the Tremplin DEC transitional education options, to 3,400 students and welcomes nearly 1,600 new students every year. Its continuing education department offers ten attestation of college studies (ACS/AEC) programs.