Cégep à distance Announces a New Partnership with the TÉLUQ Licef Centre

Montréal, March 27, 2014 – Cégep à distance is pleased to announce that on March 12ith concluded an agreement with the TÉLUQ LICEF research centre to adopt the COMÈTE platform, allowing it to put its teaching and learning resources (TLRs) at the disposal of the college network.

“This partnership with the LICEF will serve as an important springboard to complete our TLR dissemination plan, a mandate that was given to us by the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie and that figures prominently in our positioning plan,” explained Louis-René Dessureault, director of Cégep à distance.

COMÈTE was selected after a detailed needs analysis. The decision was also supported by other tests, including the successful migration, in January 2013, of TLRs disseminated in the Vitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ) repository Eurêka. Eurêka will now be disseminated on a version of the platform called CERES.

As BRER project director Gilbert Paquette, of LICEF, pointed out, “COMÈTE is the first platform that introduces a whole new technology rooted in the semantic web, which is the basis of the new ISO-MLR standard. Our goal is to put it at the disposal of partners like Cégep à distance.”

Within a few weeks, some 100 Cégep à distance TLRs will be placed in the new repository, which is the first stage of executing the project. “We’re confident that using COMÈTE, Cégep à distance TLRs will be harvested, that is, referenced, by our partners, including Eurêka,” added Caroline Lambert, project manager at Cégep à distance. “In fact, it is the CERES version of COMÈTE that will soon supply the search engine on Profweb, a resource-sharing website that is well-known among CEGEP professors.”

The VTÉ will also contribute to the project, as will the GTN-Québec, of which both Cégep à distance and TÉLUQ are members.

“Once completed, the TLR dissemination plan will allow Cégep à distance to advance its modular, multimedia approach and to respond more fully to the needs expressed throughout the college network in Québec and beyond,” concluded Mr. Dessureault.

Cégep à distance is an integral part of the Collège de Rosemont, offering programs in French that lead to a diploma of college studies (DEC, for its French acronym) or an attestation of college studies (AEC, for its French acronym). Some courses are also offered in English. Every year, some 18,000 people register for one or more of the 140 credit courses offered in French and English, for a total of 28,000 course registrations. All courses are offered in the continuous registration model.