Learning and experience sharing at SENAI-SP training session set the foundation for future collaborations

Montréal, May 13, 2014 – Several opportunities for future collaboration have arisen from the highly successful training session offered by Cégep à distance to the São Paulo National Industrial Training Service  (SENAI-SP).

“A draft agreement is being drawn up with Cégep International, which organized the training session,” explained Cégep à distance director Louis-René Dessureault. “Continuing our discussions with SENAI-SP through a variety of projects will further our reflections on the creation of new, agile forms of distance education, which is another objective of our positioning plan.”

The projects on the drawing board include the joint development of a course and the creation of a community of practice. “The quality of our interactions was one of the high points of the training session, and both Cégep à distance and SENAI-SP want to continue the discussion,” added Suzane Cormier, assistant director of Research and Development. “So we would like to set up a system inspired by the Osmose platform, which we developed for a research project.”

Mr. Dessureault made a point of mentioning the extraordinary engagement and interest of the entire Cégep à distance staff and the Brazilian delegation during the three-week course. “The Brazilians and the Cégep à distance staff all benefitted from formal and informal discussions, and there was a great spirit of openness to cultural diversity. Bravo, and thank you to everyone!”

Cégep à distance is an integral part of the Collège de Rosemont, offering programs in French that lead to a diploma of college studies (DEC, for its French acronym) or an attestation of college studies (AEC, for its French acronym). Some courses are also offered in English. Every year, some 18,000 people register for one or more of the 140 credit courses offered in French and English, for a total of 28,000 course registrations. All courses are offered in the continuous registration model.