A multimedia approach to distance philosophy: the remodelling of Philosophie et rationalité

Montréal, March 18, 2015 – Cégep à distance used a multimedia approach for the new edition of the course called Philosophie et rationalité (340-101-MQ), designed in close collaboration with content expert Guy Ferland, a philosophy teacher at Collège Lionel-Groulx. The multimedia approach centres on forums, videos and interactive activities, presented by a cast of humour characters. This project is a great example of the ongoing efforts to embrace best practices in distance education at Cégep à distance.

In his article Une approche plurimédia dans un cours de philosophie à distance (A multimedia approach in a distance philosophy course) in the last edition of Clic, Bernard Vallée, an academic advisor, explains a few of the technological and pedagogical principles that guided the development of the distance philosophy course and ensure it reflects the mandate of Cégep à distance.

The remodelling of the course had a dual objective: to update the course using a competency-based approach and to increase student motivation to take philosophy by offering a course that is meaningful, accessible, and current, all in a distance education format.

The article goes into detail about the various media used to make the course more current and to meet the requirements of the competency-based approach: print documentation and a website that includes a variety of media – interactive exercises, videos, forums, guides, illustrations, photos and web links. It also explains the efforts made to make the course meaningful and accessible, including connecting the philosophers’ ideas with situations the students themselves might experience and using comical characters to add a touch of humour.

Did using a multimedia approach in the new version of the course have an effect on the academic success of the students? For the answer to this question, and for more details about the remodelled course, please read Une approche plurimédia dans un cours de philosophie à distance.

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