Improving Access to Health Services in English through e-Training: Dialogue McGill and Cégep à distance Embark on CEGEP Tour

Montreal, June 4th, 2018 – Dialogue McGill and Cégep à distance recently kicked off a tour of CEGEPs to promote free digital curriculum tools designed to help Francophones to enhance their ability to provide services to English clients within Quebec’s health network.

Beginning on Tuesday, May 9th at the Cégep de Granby, the project team from McGill University and Cégep à distance demonstrated how English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers in French CEGEPs can easily integrate streaming videos produced by Dialogue McGill into their curriculum using popular Learning Management Systems like Moodle.

The tour also highlights self-paced e-learning modules for Nursing that were recently updated and deployed using a platform maintained by Learning Branch Inc. The modules have a responsive design that makes them easily accessible on mobile devices or standard workstations.

The CEGEP tour will continue this fall after making a stop at the RASCALs annual conference of ESL teachers on June 4th in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec.

CEGEPs wishing to book a presentation of these freely accessible language-learning resources can contact Ryan W. Moon at Cégep à distance to schedule a presentation for their ESL department.

“Cégep à distance’s English Sector is proud to partner with Dialogue McGill to deploy on-line teaching and learning objects from Dialogue McGill’s well-received language-training modules for healthcare professionals. Both teachers and healthcare professionals alike will benefit from the free access to this material for use in their respective practices.”-Carole Gaudin, Director, Continuing Education, Cégep à distance & Corporate and Customized Training.

“Dialogue McGill has forged a strong relationship with Cégep à distance and welcomes another opportunity to share its language training expertise in the field of healthcare services to English-speaking people.” –Mireille Marcil, Project Director, Dialogue McGill

About Dialogue McGill

The Dialogue McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project is supported by funding from Health Canada. Its objectives are:  

  1. To provide language training and retention initiatives so that public health and social service professionals have opportunities to improve their ability to provide services in English and to practice where they can meet the needs of the English-speaking population of Quebec.
  2. To promote research and information sharing on approaches to reducing barriers to public health and social services access for English-speaking Quebecers.

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About Cégep à distance

Cégep à distance was created on April 1st, 1991 by the Collège de Rosemont following an agreement with the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur to provide distance education at the college level. Cégep à distance is an important stakeholder within the network of colleges in Quebec, where it helps to provide flexible learning options for students.

In 2016-2017, more than 14 000 students aged from 16 to 72 years old enrolled at Cégep à distance for close to 23 000 course registrations. Cégep à distance offers 150 self-paced courses, of which 28 are designed for the English population. This model of instruction allows for continuous intake of students, who learn at their own pace and helps them to manage work, family and academic obligations.

The partnership with Dialogue McGill was developed through the consulting services wing of Cégep à distance’s English sector.

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