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Important messages

To contact your tutor and to proceed to your oral presentations

To contact your tutor: just press 2 from the main menu. Then, enter your tutor’s voicemail box. Attention! If the number starts with a zero (0), you must replace the zero (0) with one (1) (for example, number 0265 becomes 1265). If the number has just three digits, add a 1 to the beginning (for example, 789 becomes 1789).

To record your oral presentations (except for evaluations that require direct interactions with your tutor): Please follow these instructions.

Plagiarism and fraud – Avoid situations that might stand in the way of your success

­Every year, a number of students are penalized for plagiarism or fraud. Some students who find themselves in this situation wrongly believed that what they were doing was acceptable. We therefore encourage you to read the page Plagiarism and fraud – Examples and sanctions carefully to avoid situations that may stand in the way of your success.

Access to the Campus



Why should I access the Campus?

Connect to the Campus to access your online courses and Eureka, receive your grades, sign up for your exams, retrieve your tax receipts and take advantage of other administrative services offered online. Note that your user code and password appear in the welcome letter that you received with the initial shipment of your course material. If this is your first visit to the Campus, be sure to respect LOWER and UPPER CASE LETTERS and be careful to distinguish between the number zero (0) and the letter O in your access codes.

Your reference documents and services

No matter where you are, Cégep à distance is pleased to have you as a student! On this page you will find the many resources we offer to help you succeed with us. Make sure you read the following documents before you begin your courses. You could also be interested by the services presented in this page.

Off to a Good Start!

The brochure Off to a Good Start! presents the different steps to begin your studies at Cégep à distance on the right foot, as well as essential information to keep handy while studying at Cégep à distance.

Introduction and Instructions

Introduction and Instructions provides useful information and explains the rules and regulations that govern your studies with us. It also offers valuable advice on how to successfully complete your distance courses.

Policies and regulations, R score, Frequently asked questions

Getting help

Whom to contact, tutoring services, managing your studies, support and student success

Whom to contact

See the page Whom to contact to find the extension number to dial when you contact us.


Tutoring services

Your tutor answers your academic questions by phone or email within two business days. To find out how to contact your tutor, please refer to the Frequently asked questions and Student support and supervision.


Managing your studies

Read Introduction and Instructions. It offers valuable advice on how to successfully complete your distance courses.


Support and student success

Please refer to the Student support and supervision and Student success tools pages, where you will find more details on the support offered at Cégep à distance, tools to help you manage your studies, and additional learning materials for French, math and online research.

Featured help tools and services for current students