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Welcome to Cégep à distance…and welcome home!

At Cégep à distance, you study where you want, when you want. Cégep à distance is the ideal way to balance family, work and studies.

Cégep à distance at a glance

  • Complete your studies at your own pace, wherever you want, whenever you want
  • Online registration available at any time
  • Possibility to take one to four courses at a time
  • Learning material adapted for the acquisition of skills (print, DVD, online, etc., as appropriate)
  • Three to seven assignments per course and up to six months to submit them according to the rules at Cégep à distance
  • A tutor to accompany you and a team at Cégep à distance to support your academic progress
  • Invigilated evaluations held in your area, with up to three months to write them from the moment your final assignment is marked
  • Internet connection and computer required
  • Financial aid available subject to your eligibility

Studying at Cégep à distance

At Cégep à distance, you can continue a program you have already begun at another institution or begin new studies in any program. If you want a diploma in Social Science, you will be pleased to discover that Cégep à distance offers some of the most popular courses from this program. You might also be interested in the course Preparing for the English Exit Exam, or you can just take the courses that interest you.

Cégep à distance is an integral part of the Collège de Rosemont. As a Cégep à distance student, you will be subject to the policies and regulations in effect at the Collège de Rosemont and, if you graduate from Cégep à distance, you will receive a diploma or attestation bearing Rosemont’s seal.

Your way: personalized support

From the time before you enroll until you receive your diploma, the Cégep à distance staff will guide you on your educational path and support you in your learning. A tutor specialized in the subject matter—usually a CEGEP teacher—is assigned to you for each course to answer your questions by phone or by email within two business days. Your tutor corrects your assignments and your final examination, and may help you get ready for them. Check out our Student support and supervision page for more details.

Continuous registration

At Cégep à distance, you can register at any time. Since the courses are self-paced, you can enroll whenever you choose, at any time of the year. You can take up to four courses at a time.

Study where you want, when you want

You can study wherever and whenever you want, at the pace that suits you best. Just set a study schedule based on your educational, professional, and family activities. That means you can decide whether to do the course through intensive study or take the full six months allotted to you, following all established rules. Cégep à distance students take an average of four and a half months to complete their courses.

Learning Materials

We recommend that you begin working on a course as soon as you receive your materials, so that you can make some immediate progress and set the pace for your studies.
You will receive course materials by mail or through the Internet.
They usually include:

  • A user code and a password to log on to the on-line Campus
  • A study guide
  • A textbook with a workbook or course pack
  • Exercises, answer keys, and assignments

The courses offered at Cégep à distance tend to use a multimedia format—that is, they use many different media (websites, audiovisual clips, MP3, videos, PDF or print documents, etc.) to create a dynamic and interactive learning process.


The courses include three to seven assignments. You have a maximum of six months to submit your final assignment under Cégep à distance rules. After that, you have to take one or more final exams (which are generally invigilated) no more than three months after your tutor records the mark for your final assignment. You go online to choose the date and place of your exam from a set of options offered by Cégep à distance. Exam sessions are held regularly in all regions of Quebec (see the map of our Examination Centres below). Certain conditions apply to some courses.

Examination Centres


Tuition fees are the same in all public CEGEPs. If you have a right to tuition-free studies, you do not have to pay tuition fees. You always have to pay for the course materials, which are never refundable. See Fees for more details.

Cost of taking a complete program

If you are planning to enrol in one of our programs in French, please note that only the courses you register for in your registration session are included in the calculation of the fees to pay when you register (see the description of each course). This allows you to spread out the cost of all the program courses over the total duration of your studies. The total cost of taking a program may vary. If you would like an estimate of the total cost, you have to add up the material costs for each course and all tuition fees, if any, based on your student status and your eligibility for tuition-free studies (see Fees and the Student status and tuition-free studies section of this page). Other factors may also influence the total amount of fees you have to pay.

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