Prospective student

We suggest the five following steps to explore the Cégep à distance website. You can also use the menus to find additional information.

Step 1: Discover

Read the page Discover studying at Cégep à distance to find out how your studies will unfold once you are registered with us.

Step 2: Choose

Lots of students enrolled at Cégep à distance just take a few courses, often to finish their DEC or acquire university pre-requisites. Others decide to take a full program in French in order to open up job opportunities or pursue other objectives.

Take a look at Our courses to see the scope of our offer and discover how Cégep à distance can help you achieve your educational objectives. If you prefer, you can look at Our programs in French for an overview of the DECs and AECs that you can earn at Cégep à distance.

Step 3: Check

Make sure you’re connected, that you meet the admission requirements and that you know what fees to pay. You might also be interested in some of our pre-registration services.

Step 4: Confirm

There are many advantages to distance education: you can study at your own pace, in the place you choose, at the time you want, with no need to travel—all with the help of a tutor.

On the other hand, distance education is demanding. You have to be independent, disciplined, motivated, and highly organized.

If you are hesitating to enrol in distance education, we suggest you do these three quizzes to help you make an informed decision.

Quiz 1 – Is distance education appropriate for my situation?

Quiz 2 – Do I have what it takes to succeed at distance education?

Quiz 3 – Where the truth lies: Eight myths and realities of distance education

Testimony: Stephanie Underwood

Stephanie Underwoord talks about her experience as a Cégep à distance student. Interview by Nicolas Deslauriers for Les réussites du Québec, aired on Canal Savoir in 2011.

Step 5: Take action

Go to Before you enrol – Regular student (without commandite) for more details on the admissions process and to apply online.