Instructions for oral presentations

It is important to follow the instructions for recording your oral presentations carefully. They are usually found within your assignments and your exams. They present each of the steps required to submit your work with ease in detail. For example, you may have to:

Attend a telephone interview with your tutor

You must first contact your tutor in order to schedule the oral presentation component of your assignment. We recommend using the Course Mail messaging system in order to make these arrangements.

At the scheduled time, you will present the assigned topic to your tutor. Your tutor will grade you on how well you have achieved the objectives for this conversation.

Record your oral presentation on your tutor’s voicemail

If you need to record your oral presentation on your tutor’s voicemail:

  1. Dial 514 864-6464 or 1 800 665-6400;
  2. Dial ‘8’ for the English menu selection
  3. press ‘2’;
  4. dial your tutor’s number.

If your tutor’s number begins with a zero (0), you must replace the zero (0) with a one (1). Example: The number 0265 becomes 1256.
If the number is composed of only three (3) digits, you must add a one (1) to the beginning of the number. Example: The number 789 becomes 1789.

Record your oral presentation by using the recording tool available in the Campus

If your oral presentation must be completed in the Campus, a recording tool will be available directly inside of your assignment. To access it, you must click on the “Add submission” button found at the bottom of the assignment’s instructions page. It is highly recommended that you begin by preparing your oral presentation first. You will then be able to produce your audio files by using the available recording tool, following the instructions.

Record your oral presentation using an alternative tool

In the event that you are unable to use the recording tool found in your online course, instructions for the use of an alternative recording tool will be provided.