Whom to contact

COVID-19 – Our team is available to answer your calls on 514 864-6464 or 1 800 655-6400. You may also reach us by using the on-line form available on the Contact us page. Please note that you can still reach your tutor by phone. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information.

Before you contact us, please read Introduction and Instructions and the Frequently asked questions section. These two sources offer useful information and outline all the rules and procedures that will govern your time with us.

Also, before you call, make sure you have your permanent code on hand, as well as any other information that is relevant to the purpose of your call.

You can reach the Cégep à distance team by phone at 514-864-6464 or 1-800-665-6400. You can also write to us at educinfo@cegepadistance.ca.

Visit the Contact us page to find out about our opening hours.

Phone: the right way to save time

If you want to save time, look in the chart below to find the option you need or the subject that interests you. This will save you time navigating in our telephone system and allow you to avoid having to go through reception.

Subject Whom to contact
Your course material, exercises, assignments, and exam preparations Contact your tutor
514-864-6464 | 1-800-665-6400
Dial 2. Then enter your tutor’s voicemail box. Attention! If the number starts with a zero (0), you must replace the zero (0) with one (1) (for example, 0265 becomes 1265). If the number has just three digits, add a 1 to the beginning (for example, 789 becomes 1789).

Course mail

Problems with your tutor Contact our Tutoring sector
514-864-6464 | 1-800-665-6400
Dial 4909
Computer problems Contact our technical support
514-864-6464 | 1-800-665-6400
Dial 4975
  • Extension rules
  • Course withdrawal and consequences
  • Confirmation of registration maintenance
  • Support offered
  • Student success
  • Application for diploma
Contact our academic information technicians
514-864-6464 | 1-800-665-6400
Dial 1

Don’t forget to provide your name, e-mail address, and permanent code.
Student financial aid Contact our Student financial aid sector
514-864-6464 | 1-800-665-6400
Dial 5
  • Extensions
  • Exam sittings (registration, deadlines, off-site, letter of invitation, letter of confirmation)
  • Grade reviews
  • Supplemental exams (where? when? how?)
Contact our Examination sector
514-864-6464 | 1-800-665-6400
Dial 3, then 2
  • Registration cancellation
  • Reimbursement
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Receipt or checklist
  • Tax documents (Relevé 8 and T2202A)
  • Billing
  • Transcript
Contact our Administrative affairs sector
514-864-6464 | 1-800-665-6400
Dial 3, then 3