Introduction - On the road to success


Your passport to the future...

You have decided to set out on an important journey to continue your studies. You are quite aware of the effort involved and have decided to tool up for the road ahead. If success is attained by having all the right tools, know that you are the first and most important instrument in the toolbox. Starting out, you need to take stock of your past experiences and should get to know yourself better as a learner.

This is why this program will focus on your learner's profile, your needs and motivations, your organizational skills and stress management. Leading a successful life is certainly a value that we all share, regardless of age or origin. To achieve success, we must take certain steps that will help us find the meaning that we wish to give to our life. Undertaking and successfully completing post-secondary studies is a good example of a step you might take.

We invite you to come along wish you godspeed on the road to success!