Our courses

For more than 25 years now, Cégep à distance has produced distance education courses. We are currently expanding our course offerings in English and offer credited and non-credited college-level courses. The quality of our courses has garnered awards and these courses are recognized as equivalent to those offered in the college network in Quebec.

Register to finish your DSC/DEC, have access to a university program requiring pre-requisites, upgrade your skills or obtain a certificate in our short programs (available only in French for the moment).

Currently, most of the courses we offer are in the general education component, the complementary education component or in the Social Science program. Several are also university prerequisites.

When you register online, make sure you indicate which course option you want. Otherwise, you may end up with the French version of the course.

To complete a DCS/DEC

If you want to take a general education course to complete a DCS/DEC that is not offered at Cégep à distance, you have to register for the springboard to a DCS/DEC program (081.06).

Study in French

If the course you want to take is not available in English, it may be available in French. If you are comfortable in French, take a look at the courses we offer.

Credit Courses

Course Number Title Prerequisites Hours,
Credit Competency
101-901-RE S P The Human Body 45 h, 2-1-3 2 022R, 022V
109-101-MQ G Physical Activity and Health 30 h, 1-1-1 1 4EP0
109-103-MQ G Physical Activity and Autonomy AP: 109-101-MQ 30 h, 1-1-1 1 4EP2
S P Linear Algebra and Vector Geometry Math 536 or 1 75 h, 3-2-3 2,66 022Z
201-301-RE S P Advanced Quantitative Methods AP: 360-300-RE 45 h, 2-1-3 2 022S, 022W
201-NYA-05 P Calculus 1 Math 536 or 1 75 h, 3-2-3 2,66 00UN
203-FPG-03 C Astronomy 45 h, 2-1-3 2 000Y
300-300-RE S P Practical Initiation to Methodology in the Social Sciences RP: 360-300-RE and 2 60 h, 2-2-2 2 022Q
330-910-RE S History of Western Civilization 45 h, 2-1-3 2 022L
345-101-MQ G KNOWLEDGE: Ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia 60 h, 3-1-3 2,33 4HU0
345-102-MQ G WORLD VIEWS: Exploring Canadian World Views 45 h, 3-0-3 2 4HU1
345-HUP-FD G Ethical Issues AP: 345-101-MQ or 345-102-MQ 45 h, 3-0-3 2 4HUP
350-102-RE S P General Psychology 45 h, 2-1-3 2 022k
360-300-RE S P Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences 60 h, 2-2-2 2 022P
360-FDR-FD C How to Succeed in College 45 h, 2-1-3 2 000W
383-303-FD S International Economics 45 h, 3-0-3 2 022S
387-103-FD S Introduction to sociology 45 h, 3-0-3 2 022N
410-014-FD A Accounting 1 60 h, 2-2-2 2 01H8 (partial)
410-233-FD A Business Law 45 h, 2-1-2 1,66 01HB
504-FPH-03 C Photography 45 h, 2-1-3 2 0014
602-101-MQ G French Language and Communication Sec. V French (Second language Instruction) 3 45 h, 2-1-3 2 4SF1
603-101-MQ G Introduction to College English 60 h, 1-3-4 2,66 4EA0
603-102-MQ G LITERARY GENRES: Formula Fiction AP: 603-101-MQ 60 h, 2-2-3 2,33 4EA1
603-103-MQ G LITERARY THEMES: Introduction to African American Literature AP: 603-101-MQ 60 h, 2-2-3 2,33 4EA2
603-EAP-FD G APPLIED ENGLISH: Shifting Tides in 21st-Century Society AP: 603-101-MQ 60 h, 2-2-2 2 4EAP
Sec.V Mathematics Technical & Scientific Option (564506) or Sec.V Mathematics Science Option (565506) or equivalent
350-102-RE and another introductory course (RP) from another Social Science discipline
(Second language Instruction) or equivalent, with a mark of at least 65%
This course is part of the Business Administration Program.
This course is a complementary course.
This course is a general education course.
This course is recognized as a prerequisite for certain university programs.
This is a Social Science course.
Award-winning course.

Non-Credit Courses

Course Number Title Prerequisites Hours
864-MEE-FD Preparing for the English Exit Exam For students who failed the Exit Exam in the last two years. 60 h
864-MEE-SI Preparing for the English Exit Exam – Simulation N/A