Frequently Asked Questions

What is college-level distance education?

Cégep à distance was created in 1991 by the Collège de Rosemont, which the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur had entrusted with the mandate to develop college-level distance education for Québec.

With Cégep à distance, you can study where you want, when you want. Distance education is an ideal way to balance family, work, and studies.

To learn more about how Cégep à distance functions, please go to Discover studying at Cégep à distance. After you register, you should read Regulations and Instructions, which provides details on the operational rules at Cégep à distance, as well as advice on how to succeed with your distance education. Keep it close at hand!

What is the process for studying at Cégep à distance?

  • You can apply at any time, and you can take up to four courses at once.
  • Tuition is the same as in any public CEGEP (see Fees).
  • The processing time for your application varies depending on its complexity and the number of applications we receive.
  • All the materials you need for your course are included in the package you receive by mail or in what you access in the Campus. You need to have the required computer resources.
  • You can access your online courses and many administrative services in the Cégep à distance Campus.
  • You have up to six months to submit your assignments, one at a time, but you can also do them more quickly.
  • A tutor who is a specialist in the subject matter (usually a CEGEP professor) will coach you in every course you take.
  • After submitting all your assignments, you have three months to take the exam, which is usually given under invigilation in a CEGEP in your region.
  • Academic information technicians and academic advisors can answer your questions and give you advice on your educational path.
  • You are never alone!

What is the tutor’s role?

The tutor’s primary role is to support you in your learning process. Your tutor will:

  • Answer your questions about the subject matter
  • Correct and provide comments on your assignments
  • Help you prepare for the exam and then correct it

Can I change my tutor?

No. You have to complete your course with the tutor assigned to you, so there is no point in asking to switch tutors during the course.

What are the maximum and minimum times for completing a course and taking the exam?

You have up to six months to submit your assignments, one at a time, under the Cégep à distance guidelines. Given mail delivery times and the need to wait for your tutor’s corrections before submitting the next assignment, it is hard to complete all the assignments in less than three months. From the time the grade for your last assignment is posted in the Campus, you have up to three months to take the exam.

Can I submit more than one assignment at a time?

You cannot submit more than one assignment at a time to your tutor. If you send more than one assignment at a time, the extra assignments will be returned to you UNMARKED, which may end up causing you a delay.

Can I ask for an extension to submit my assignments or take the exam?

If you have had one assignment corrected and the mark is posted in the Campus, you can apply for a two-month extension to submit your other assignments. You can also apply for a one-month extension to take your exam. A fee is charged for extensions.
Your extension application form must be submitted to Cégep à distance, by mail, e-mail, or fax:

  • No more than five business days after the deadline date for your last assignment
  • No more than five business days after the deadline date for your final evaluation – exam(s)

After this date, no extensions can be granted. Cégep à distance will not grant a second extension.

Where do I write the exam?

The final exam takes place under invigilation in a CEGEP in your region. Please see the examination centres map to find the site nearest you. To enter the exam room, you have to present photo ID. You can register for the exam online.

If you live outside of Québec, you have to make arrangements with Cégep à distance to take your exam.

What are the requirements for passing a course?

To pass a course and earn the credits, you have to:

  • Have all your assignments corrected in order and in compliance with the Cégep à distance rules
  • Get at least 50% on the final exam
  • Get an overall grade (assignments and exam) of at least 60%

Even if your total for assignments and exam is higher than 60%, you must get at least 50% on the exam to pass the course. Some courses offer you the possibility of re-writing the final.

Does Cégep à distance issue transcripts and diplomas?

If you are registered as a Cégep à distance student (without a commandite), you will receive a CEGEP transcript from us. It is cumulative and includes all courses you have taken within the CEGEP network. If you register with a commandite, a final copy of your transcript is issued directly to the registrar of your home CEGEP. Please see the Official forms and documents page for more information about receiving a diploma.

I have already failed one or more courses at Cégep à distance. Can I re-apply?

Please see Admissions requirements – Conditional admission and success contract.

If I reregister after a failure, can I use the same course materials?

If you fail and reregister for the same course, you can reuse the course materials if the course version has not changed. In this case, you only have to pay the registration fee and you will receive a new set of assignments. Make sure you have kept all the course materials, and be sure to mention this in your application. Note: Course materials cannot be transferred from one student to another.