Conditional admission and success contract

To support our students all the way to graduation, Cégep à distance applies certain conditions for admission and re-admission if:

  • You fail the same course more than once
  • You fail half or more of your courses in a single semester

These conditions are accompanied by measures that are tailored to the severity of your situation and your ability to comply with the applicable commitments or conditions. They could entail:

  • Withdrawal of full-time status
  • Expulsion from the program
  • Expulsion from the CEGEP

If these measures are applied to you, you will still be subject to the same conditions for any new registration:

  • The course(s) concerned will be included in the maximum of four courses you can enrol in
  • At the change of session, Cégep à distance will wait for your grades on all assignments from the previous session before processing your registration

Furthermore, in accordance with the Règlement sur le cheminement scolaire favorisant la réussite au Collège de Rosemont and Cégep à distance (student success regulation, available in French only), Cégep à distance students and newly admitted commandite students from other CEGEPs are subject to success conditions in every session of their program.

Success contract

If you are conditionally admitted, you will receive a message outlining the required conditions and may be required to sign a success contract committing you to fulfill them.

Your commitment to fulfill the imposed conditions takes the form of a signed contract in which the CEGEP sets out the mandatory support measures and success conditions it has established for you.

A student who is conditionally admitted may be refused re-admission to a failed course if they have not met the conditions in their success contract.