Official forms and documents

Financial aid for students

Go to Financial aid for students.

Request for extension for medical reason

Download the form (PDF).

Check Introduction and Instructions for more details on requesting an extension for an assignment or exam.

Request for permanent incomplete

Download the form (PDF).

Request for official documents

Download the form (PDF).

Request to transmit a failing grade

Download the form (PDF).

Registration Forms

To register at Cégep à distance

If you cannot register online, please read about the registration process by going to Application and registration. Then complete and submit the Registration Form (PDF).

To register for the English Exit Exam

Download the form (PDF).

Note: If you have already failed this exam or if you are worried about taking it for the first time, you might be interested in the Cégep à distance course called Preparing for the English Exit Exam. You can also do an exam simulation.

To register for the course Preparing for the English Exit Exam – Request for access to a copy (Request for access to my completed exam paper)

If you have already attempted the English Exit Exam: To receive support from your tutor that is adapted to your particular needs, we recommend that you forward us a digital copy of your exam. To do this, there are two possible approaches:

  • A) Complete a request for access to copy and transmit it to the Ministry. As soon as you receive your copy, you will need to scan and send it to your tutor. Note that the exams are destroyed by the Ministry one year after the exam was completed.
  • B)  Fill in and forward this form (PDF) to Cégep à distance at the moment that you register for the course.

Academic record forms

Authorization to transmit information related to my disability

Download the form (PDF).

Request for recognition of major functional disabilites

Download the form (PDF).

Application for diploma

Download the form (PDF).

Note: This document is available in French only. If you wish to receive a diploma of college studies (DEC) or an attestation of college studies (AEC) in one of the programs we offer, you must make a written application for a diploma at the end of your Cégep à distance studies, using this form.

Official diplomas are only delivered twice year, in spring and fall. Please note, however, that a transcript confirming that you have completed your program will be mailed as soon as your academic record is analyzed. This official transcript provides proof that you have earned your diploma.

Regulations for issuing a DCS/DEC

We will ask the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur to issue your diploma if you have passed all the courses in your study program, including the integrative seminar/comprehensive assessment.

Regulations for issuing an ACS/AEC

We will ask the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur to issue your attestation if you have completed all the courses in your program.