Student success tools

Cégep à distance offers the following tools to help you succeed with your studies. Please also refer to our Student support and supervision page to learn about the wide variety of support services offered before registration and until graduation.

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Plan your schedule and manage your studies

Cégep à distance invites you to make the most of the following tools to plan and manage your studies.

Off to a Good Start!

The brochure Off to a Good Start! presents the different steps to begin your studies at Cégep à distance on the right foot, as well as essential information to keep handy while studying at Cégep à distance.

Introduction and Instructions

In addition to describing the rules and procedures in effect, Introduction and Instructions provides lots of advice to help you succeed at Cégep à distance.

How to Succeed in College course

How to Succeed in College (360-FDR-FD) is recommended for anyone who is returning to studies after a break. It helps you succeed by looking at factors such as your learner profile, motivation, learning strategies, and lots of other topics related to success.

On the Road to Success! program and website

The On the Road to Success video and website broach a variety of topics related to success: your student profile, your needs and motivations, your organizational abilities, and stress management.

Student success videos

These short videos can help you with regards to different aspects of academic success. Visit our CCDMD World of Images Video Album to view them.


Support materials: Improve your skills

English Exit Exam


  • Preparing for the English Exit Exam course
    If you are worried that one of your students will fail the English Exit Exam or if they have already failed, you can recommend that they register for the course Preparing for the English Exit Exam available from Cégep à distance. You can also do an exam simulation.


The Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD) has created a website titled Amélioration du français (French improvement) with hundreds of resources to increase your French-language skills.
For a complete refresher course, you could consider taking the very affordable on-line course called “Du français sans fautes,” which was produced by the Société de formation à distance des commissions scolaires du Québec (SOFAD). Do the free diagnostic test and then evaluate your needs.


Review basic mathematical concepts from high school using the Mathematics Review Modules developed by Gilles Desbiens. These modules allow you to refresh and evaluate your knowledge using problems and review tests.