New course: French Language and Culture (602-102-MQ, option 65)

Le cours Langue française et culture vise à améliorer l’habileté à communiquer en français courant. Il comporte trois habiletés langagières : lire, écrire et parler. L’accent est mis sur la maitrise de la lecture, de l’écriture et des stratégies de révision. L’utilisation de situations quotidiennes enrichit les activités d’apprentissage. Tout au long du parcours, trois […]

New course: The Geography of Environmental Issues (320-203-FD, option 65)

In this course, you will analyze current environmental issues. You will have the opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills in geography and sustainable development. You will learn new concepts related to this contemporary field of study. Finally, you will use several geographer tools such as maps, images, data, indicators, graphs and diagrams. This course […]

New course: Work Functions in Accounting and Management (410-103-FD)

The course takes you on an exploration of the work world and the job opportunities in the vast field of administration, specifically in the areas of accounting and management. You will begin a journey of self-discovery, to build a profile of your personal characteristics based on the exit profile for your program. You will analyze […]

A new responsive website for Cégep à distance

Cégep à distance is inviting you to explore our new web site. The site is now responsive and provides a user-friendly interface that adapts its layout according to whether you are visiting the site with a computer or a mobile device. What’s more, the search engine now allows one-click integrated searching for the content of […]