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Commandite (visiting student): Information and tools

A commandite allows the student to take courses at Cégep à distance while remaining enrolled in your institution. These students often come to Cégep à distance to make up a course they failed or to avoid a scheduling conflict. Please see our Benefits of a commandite page for further details.

Courses offered

Cégep à distance is gradually developing courses for the Anglophone community, starting with the most commonly taken courses. Go to Our courses to see a list of the courses we offer in English. Some Anglophone students may also want to take a course in French if it is not offered in English. Please check the French version of our website to find out about our course offering in the language of Molière.

Policies and regulations

Introduction and Instructions outlines the rules that govern studies at Cégep à distance. Our R score at Cégep à distance page may also interest you. Please see our Policies and regulations page to access all our documents on this topic.

How it works

Discover studying at Cégep à distance explains the ins and outs of studying at Cégep à distance.

Admission and registration requirements

Students can register at Cégep à distance at any time. Commandite students who register and pay online generally receive their course materials within five business days. Make sure that the student has the Computer resources required and that they understand about the Fees before suggesting a commandite. Click here for more details about Admission and registration requirements.

Print registration form and other forms

Use the print form only if there is a valid reason preventing the student from registering online. Click here to access all the forms.

Conditional admission and success contract

To increase the chances that our students will graduate, Cégep à distance has adopted certain measures for the following situations:

  • Repeated failure of the same course
  • Failure of half or more of courses taken in a single session

Click here for more details on conditional admission and the success contract.

Tools for Academic Advisors

Depending on your needs, you can order or print tools such as our Course Selection Guide, the Commandite bookmark, and specific information sheets.