Netiquette on Cégep à distance Digital Platforms

At Cégep à distance, everyone can express themselves freely and give their opinion respectfully and without discrimination. On our social platforms, as in the real world, communication should be ethical and courteous. Netiquette must be observed on all Cégep à distance platforms: social networks, email, chat, virtual activities, etc.

Interacting respectfully and courteously

  • Politeness and respect for others are required. Use respectful language and avoid inappropriate humour, sarcasm and insults. You have the right to disagree or express dissatisfaction, but you must be civil. Any defamatory, xenophobic or discriminatory language is prohibited.
  • Using all caps on social platforms may be perceived as shouting. Be courteous: use appropriate words and characters. Taking a step back before posting a comment may give you time to calibrate the weight of the words you use.
  • If you share hyperlinks, make sure they are reliable and credible. Cégep à distance accepts no responsibility for the content of websites you link to.
  • Respect other people’s privacy: it is prohibited to publicly post any personal information such as a name, email address, conversation, etc.
  • Own your opinions: Cégep à distance digital platforms are not anonymous, and using pseudonyms is not permitted.
  • Any kind of personal or commercial promotion is prohibited.
  • Respect copyright: for music, text, articles, photos and all other content, citing the copyright or source is a must. Authorization is also required for any material protected by copyright. You must clearly state this authorization at the time of posting.
  • There is zero tolerance for hate, violence or harassment. All hateful, denigrating, vulgar, obscene or sexually explicit language is prohibited. Threats, personal attacks and incitement to violence are also prohibited.

Behaviour to exhibit in virtual meetings

Before the meeting

  • Wear appropriate clothing, at least on your top half.
  • Choose a calm place and turn off devices that are not needed for the videoconference.
  • Don’t hesitate to prepare a few questions in advance.

During the meeting

  • Turn off your microphone when you are not speaking. Ambient noise is often very distracting for the meeting facilitator and other participants.
  • The facilitator will tell you when it is your turn to speak.
  • Do not record the content of the presentation unless you are authorized to do so. If necessary, take notes.

Cégep à distance reserves the right to mask any words that do not comply with its netiquette rules and to suspend or block without notice anyone who breaks those rules.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us.