Eureka is a powerful online research tool that offers access to over 6,500 reliable sources of information that deal with international, national, regional, and local news. You can use it to quickly track down relevant articles and view the full text. Over 25 years of archives are available, and many of the sources are updated daily.

In addition to the main Canadian media sources, the directory includes hundreds of newspapers from the United States, France, and other countries. It also provides access to:

  • specialized publications
  • biographies and corporate profiles
  • newsfeeds
  • television and radio transcripts
  • selected blogs
  • referenced websites

Besides making it easier to do research on a wide variety of topics, Eureka lets you:

  • view, print, and save articles
  • read documents in PDF format as they appear in the original publication, with graphics, tables, and charts
  • create files to store the information you find
  • automate real-time monitoring for an important issue you need to document
  • receive e-mail alerts every time a new article appears on a topic of interest