Three quizzes to help you make an informed decision!

Is distance education for me?

There are many advantages to distance education: you can study at your own pace, in the place you choose, at the time you want, with no need to travel—all with the help of a tutor. On the other hand, distance education is demanding. You have to be independent, disciplined, motivated, and highly organized.
Are you hesitating to enrol in distance education or worried about your capacity to succeed or the value of this type of education? These three quizzes will help you make an informed decision!

Quiz 1: Is distance education appropriate for my situation?

Whatever your situation may be, distance education is ready for you. In some cases, though, distance education can be especially beneficial, or even the only option available to you. This eight-question quiz covers different situations that are ideal for distance education. Try it out to see whether they apply to you! Try quiz 1!

Quiz 2: Do I have what it takes to succeed at distance education?

While distance education offers many advantages, it also requires motivation, perseverance, autonomy, discipline, and organization! But distance education can also help you develop these characteristics, along with the ability to summarize and good writing skills. This quiz asks five questions that will help you figure out whether distance education corresponds to your learning style. Try quiz 2!

Quiz 3: Truth or fiction: Eight myths and realities about distance education.

Quality, course recognition, student support… Try this quiz to help you separate the myths from the realities of distance education. Try quiz 3!