Become a tutor

Cégep à distance is looking for qualified people to coach and guide students in various courses. We need a bank of candidates that we can call on to tutor students as enrolment increases.

If you apply, your application will be evaluated and you may be contacted for a telephone interview when additional tutors are needed.

Role of Cégep à distance tutors

The courses offered by Cégep à distance are self-contained: the course materials provided to the students cover the entire subject matter of the course and include all the exercises and assignments to be completed.

Tutors do not actually teach the course, but rather provide tailored learning support to the students.

The tutor’s task is to provide the following services to the students:

  • Welcome them
  • Support and motivate them
  • Correct, evaluate, and grade their assignments
  • Answer their questions (by phone or email, as the case may be)
  • Provide quick, reliable service to encourage them to progress at their own pace
  • Monitor their progress to increase the success rate

Candidate profile

  • You hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline
  • You have at least three years of tutoring experience including at least one year of tutoring experience at the college level (mandatory)
  • You demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially when assisting students
  • You are very comfortable with information and communications technologies
  • You learn quickly and have a basic understanding of distance education
  • Your English skills are excellent

Benefits and working conditions

  • Cégep à distance tutors are basically self-employed
  • They can arrange their schedule to suit their needs
  • They work from home, no matter where they live in Québec
  • They work with information and communications technologies
  • The compensation varies from course to course

How to apply

Documents required for application

  • Your CV
  • A letter of presentation explaining your interest in tutoring
  • A list of Cégep à distance disciplines and courses related to your area of specialization

Submit your application

If you are interested in tutoring, please apply by completing this form.

Only candidates who have submitted all required documents and who are selected for an interview will receive a response from the Tutoring Services sector.