Become a subject matter expert

Cégep à distance needs subject matter experts to contribute to the development and review of our course content.

Candidates for course development and review

Course development consists of:

  • Contributing to the course design
  • Writing texts or developing various media components based on the distance education model
    You will be introduced to the specific tools used at Cégep à distance.

You must be available from 14 to 21 hours a week, because every stage of course production must be completed within a maximum of one year. It takes between 60 and 100 days of work to develop a 45-hour course.

You will develop the instructional materials with the help of a team of instructional design specialists.

The course materials will then be made available to the entire cégep network. In addition to enjoying an enriching professional experience, you will be giving your colleagues access to highly useful teaching materials that can be used to support in-class teaching.

The compensation ranges from $15,000 to $24,000, depending on the scope and format of the materials to be developed.

How is the course development team structured?

The course development team includes several members with well-defined roles

  • Programme co-ordinator: supervises the adaptation of generic course plans (plans cadres) and coordinates the implementation of the program in its entirety.
  • Project co-ordinator: ensures that each course respects Cégep à distance’s specific approach to instructional design and supervises the course’s production.
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs): generally a professor from a college-level institution in Quebec. They contribute to the development and the production of different aspects of the course or are responsible for content review.
  • Other participants: may be involved as language reviewers, editors, illustrators or as proofreaders. For courses with other modes of delivery or materials (Internet, CD-ROM, video, etc.), a media conversion co-ordinator, programmers, graphic designers and other specialists may be added to the team.

The breadth of course material to develop depends upon the medium used for delivery of the course, whether there is an appropriate text book currently available on the market, and according to the course duration: 45, 60, 75 or 90 hours.

Content review consists of:

  • Reviewing the materials developed
  • Giving your opinion on the pedagogical aspects
  • Verifying the content

Candidate profile:

  • You teach or have recently taught this subject matter at the cégep level
  • You are familiar with distance education
  • You are good at designing learning activities using the competency-based approach
  • You have the pedagogical know-how required to structure content in order to guide the student in the learning process
  • Your teaching approach is creative and original
  • You have excellent written communications skills
  • You are comfortable working with a team
  • You meet deadlines
  • You are completely at ease with common computer applications

How to apply

If you are interested in course development and review, please send us the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • A letter (2 to 3 pages maximum) listing the courses you teach (or have taught) that you would like to develop in a distance education format
Online form

We will send a notice of receipt. Only candidates that have submitted all required documents and whose candidature is selected for interview will receive a response from the Tutoring Services sector.