Registration as a foreign student

Cégep à distance is pleased to welcome you as a foreign student. As a foreign student, you may enrol in elective courses or register for a program.

Please note:

Please also determine the fees you will have to pay, as described lower on this page. Other fees may apply. Please see Fees.

To register

If you wish to take a course or to enrol in a program in French at Cégep à distance, you must meet the same requirements as Québécois students. You must have the equivalent of a high school diploma (DES) and you must also get an attestation of academic equivalency by a comparative evaluation service. Fees apply.

You must include certified copies of all your academic documentation. If you provide simple photocopies of your diplomas or transcripts (whether or not they are in colour), your registration application will be returned to you without being processed.

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that is certified to be authentic by the issuing authority that is recognized within the country or territory that delivered the document. You can find the list of recognized issuing authorities on the following website:

If you submit a document (which includes an official seal or stamp) in a language other than French or English, you will need to provide the original of a complete translation of the document (including official seals and stamps) prepared by a certified translator.

To enrol in a program, complete the registration form (PDF) and send us:

  • Copies of your diplomas and a transcript of your final marks for Grade 10, 11 and 12.
  • A legible photocopy of your birth certificate that indicates the names of your parents. If your birth certificate is not in French or English, it must be translated into one of these languages by a certified translator and the translation must be marked with the translator’s seal.
  • The duly completed registration form.
  • Your payment, which must be made by credit card in Canadian dollars.


Whether you enrol in elective courses or a program, the tuition fee is $6 per course hour, plus the cost of materials, shipping and telephone charges.

Type of fee

Cost in Canadian dollars

Academic equivalency for studies outside of Canada

See Fees.

Application fee

See Fees.

Tuition fee ($6 per course hour)

30-hour course


45-hour course


60-hour course


75-hour course


Shipping charges (for one course)

United States












Course material fees

See Fees.

Sending your admission request

You must familiarize yourself with the information in the following sections of our website prior to registering:

You can submit your request for admission by e-mail, through the post or by fax.

By e-mail

By post
Cégep à distance
6300, 16e Avenue
Montreal, QC  H1X 2S9

By fax
+ 1 514 864-6400

For further information, please contact us here.

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