Cégep à distance

Cégep à distance was created on April 1, 1991, by the Collège de Rosemont to fulfil a mandate conferred by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur to develop a college-level distance education offering in Quebec. At the time it was known as the CCFD (Centre collégial de formation à distance), since 2002 it is called Cégep à distance. In 2005, the Ministère requested that Cégep à distance extend its mandate to develop college-level distance education to integrate courses and services for the Anglophone community.

In addition to welcoming adult students, Cégep à distance cooperates with the colleges to help students advance their academic progression and earn a diploma more quickly. For more information, visit the page entitled Student already enrolled in another CEGEP.

Our mission

Cégep à distance is an innovative, flexible, lively and motivating environment in which to study that promotes the development of students to their fullest potential. It also actively contributes to the advancement of distance education in the college network.

Our vision

Cégep à distance is devoted to distance education. We welcome a highly diverse student population, many of whom are entrusted to us by establishments from Quebec’s college network. Cégep à distance  contributes to the advancement of distance education in partnership with the college network.

Our Strategic Plan

Cégep à distance has developed a strategic plan for 2016-2018, summarized in this overview (in French).

Our model

Cégep à distance develops self-contained asynchronous courses, and has continuous intake and variable completion dates for students and offers personalized support and supervision.

  • Self-contained: A self-contained course contains all of the study material required to complete the course autonomously.
  • Asynchronous mode: The asynchronous approach allows the student to study where and when it is convenient for the student. Their studies are individualized.
  • Continuous intake and variable completion dates: Registration is continuous throughout the entire year and students start their course as soon as they receive their course material shipment. They can complete the course at their own rhythm within the deadlines that are prescribed by Cégep à distance rules and regulations, without being part of a specific cohort of students.
  • Personalized support and supervision: From the moment that Cégep à distance receives a request for admission, until students receive their diploma, our educational planning and organization team and tutors offer professional services that are adapted to each student.

In order to better meet the needs of its different clients, Cégep à distance is experimenting with new ways of offering courses, whether it be for its own students or in support of the colleges in the network.

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Our clients

Students register at Cégep à distance to… 

  • Take general education courses (common to all DCS/DECs) or complementary courses to complete a DCS/DEC
  • Study prerequisite courses needed to enter university
  • Earn a DCS/DEC or an ACS/AEC to enter the job market or make a career change
  • Meet a timely training need in order to continue their academic progression while staying registered at a conventional college

A few facts and figures

  • 13,000 students per year
  • 163 courses offered, a number of which are designed for the English-speaking population.
  • 21,000 course registrations each year