Cégep à distance

Cégep à distance was created on April 1, 1991, by the Collège de Rosemont to fulfil a mandate conferred on it by the Ministère de de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie. It is a member of the network of public CEGEPs, playing a complementary role. It also partners the network of private CEGEPs.

Our mission

Cégep à distance is an innovative, flexible, lively and motivating environment in which to study and it promotes the development of students to their fullest potential. What’s more, it actively contributes to the development of distance education in the college network.

Our vision

Cégep à distance is devoted to distance education. We receive a highly-diversified student population, of which a large proportion is entrusted to us by establishments from Quebec’s network of colleges. It contributes to the advancement of distance education in partnership with the college network.

Our Strategic Plan

Cégep à distance has developed a strategic plan for 2016-2018, summarized in this overview (in French).

Our clients

All Cégep à distance students are subject to the policies and regulations in effect at the Collège de Rosemont. If they graduate from Cégep à distance, their diploma or attestation will bear the Rosemont seal.

Cégep à distance accepts two types of clients:


  1. Admitted students enrol directly at Cégep à distance. These are students who come to Cégep à distance to…
    • Take general education courses (common to all DECs) or complementary courses to complete a DEC
    • Earn prerequisites needed to enter university
    • Earn a DEC or AEC to access the job market or make a career change
  2. Commandite students (visiting students) are enrolled in another CEGEP. Their CEGEP issues a commandite so they can enrol simultaneously at Cégep à distance, usually because one of their courses causes a scheduling conflict or because it is not offered in the current session at their home CEGEP. Cégep à distance works with the other CEGEPs to help their students in their educational pathway and allow them to graduate sooner. For further details, please see Student already enrolled in a CEGEP.

A few facts and figures

  • 17,000 students per year, from 16 to 70 years old
  • Over 250 courses, including 19 in English
  • 27,000 courses taken each year
  • Programs offered (in French only):
    • DEC Sciences humaines
    • DEC Techniques de comptabilité et de gestion
    • DEC Techniques administratives
    • AEC Comptabilité
    • AEC Techniques d’éducation à l’enfance

On video

Cégep à distance : 25 ans avec vous

This video (in French) was produced for the 25th anniversary of Cégep à distance. It reviews the CEGEP’s highest achievements and traces its path since its creation in 1991.

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