Register as a regular direct-admit student

To register for the first time as a direct-admit student for a course at Cégep à distance, you must first complete an application for admission to a program. In addition:

Important information

  • To avoid delays in your admissions process, ensure that you include all of the required documents with your application.
  • Cégep à distance accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard credit card. Please note that once your registration is completed, it is impossible to change your course selection, and the course materials will be shipped to you with no possibility of a refund.
  • Transmission of tax receipts (Relevé 8 and T2202A): Revenu Québec requires a social insurance number for each person who wishes to receive a Relevé 8 and T2202A tax slip. To this effect, Cégep à distance will only produce these documents for those students that provide their social insurance number on their registration form.
  • To start or to complete a DCS/DEC: If you want to take a general education course in order to complete a DCS/DEC that is not offered at Cégep à distance, you have to register for the springboard to a DCS/DEC pathway (081.06).

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