Reciprocal agreement for visiting students

If you are studying either full-time or part-time at a college, you must must obtain a signed authorization form (commonly referred to as a commandite) from your college to study at Cégep à distance. Please see Student already enrolled in another CEGEP or consult your college for more information.


You must read the following information before you enrol:

If you are an Alliance Sport-Études student-athleteclick here.

Important information

  • Duration of a commandite
    commandite is valid until the expiry date indicated by your cégep or for thirty days after it has been issued.
  • Conditions to fulfill to maintain student status on a commandite
    Your admission is subject to the success conditions in each semester of your program. The CEGEP that issues the commandite is responsible for determining whether specific conditions apply to each student.
  • Issuance of tax documents: Relevé 8 and T2202A
    Revenu Québec requires the social insurance number of every person to whom we issue a Relevé 8 or T2202A. As such, Cégep à distance issues these documents only to people who provide their social insurance number on their registration form. For students with a commandite, Cégep à distance and the college which granted the commandite will issue the documents.


With a commandite, you must fill in your registration form and pay online. Cégep à distance accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Please note that once your registration is completed, it is impossible to change your course selection, and the course materials will be shipped to you with no possibility of a refund.

Receipt of your learning materials

Processing your registration and shipping the learning materials generally takes five business days.


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