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Cégep à distance is proud to be an affiliated member of Alliance Sport-Études ( and a partner of the Québec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). By registering with Alliance Sport-Études, high-level student-athletes can balance the demands of training, competition, and studies, while also benefiting from specially-adapted educational support and supervision.

The Alliance, in partnership with Cégep à distance, coordinates the distance education needs and prior-learning recognition in physical education at the college level. Cégep à distance also offers special support to all QMJHL student-athletes who are registered for distance courses, even commandite students.

Enrolling in the Alliance Sport-Études

To enjoy all the benefits of the Sport-Études program by studying at Cégep à distance, you must first have your eligibility confirmed by the Alliance Sport-Études.

Yes, it is possible to excel in sports and studies at the same time!

Alliance Sport-Études, recognized and funded by the ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, is a network of 40 colleges, Cégep à distance and seven universities. Its mission is to offer adapted educational services to high-performance athletes pursuing post-secondary studies.

Student-athletes who excel in their studies

The mission of the Alliance Sport-Études is to offer academic supervision services that fit the needs of Québec’s high-level athletes who are pursuing their education at the college or university level.

The services offered enable student-athletes to balance passion for their sport with their desire to continue post-secondary studies. This has a definite impact on their motivation to study and in turn on the successful achievement of their academic objectives.

Recognized Sport-Études student-athlete status

Those enrolled in the Alliance Sport-Études program are recognized as student-athletes by their institution, which enables them to receive educational support services adapted to their needs by the designated Sport-Études resource person at their CEGEP, college, or university. The Alliance Sport-Études program is recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (Ministère). The Alliance works closely with its member educational institutions, the Quebec sport federations, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League, the Quebec Midget AAA Hockey League, the Centre national multisport-Montréal, and Sports-Québec.

To be eligible for support from Alliance Sport-Études, the student must:

1. Play in the QMJHL, QJHL* (LHJQ) or the LHMAAAQ.


2. Be recognized by the Ministère Direction du sport et de l’activité physique as an athlete in the Excellence, Élite, Relève, or Espoir category.

Eligible QJHL players are those studying in a member college, have evolved in the Midget AAA league and currently appear on the protection list of a QMJHL team.

Each of the sport federations in Quebec establishes its own list of recognized athletes. The eligibility criteria are included in each federation’s development and athletic excellence plan and are approved by the Ministère.

To enrol in the Alliance Sport-Études, you have to:

Apply to the Alliance Sport-Études by completing the online form on their website. Once your application is accepted, contact the sport-study coordinator at Cégep à distance to enrol as described in the Alliance letter of admission.


Philippe Sabourin
Alliance Sport-Études
Phone: 514-271-7403, ext. 228
Application for admission

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