Quiz 3

Truth or fiction: Eight myths and realities about distance education

Quality, course recognition, student support… Try this quiz to help you separate the myths from the realities of distance education.

  1. Distance education is not as good as in-class education.


    Stringency and quality are the cornerstones of distance education!

    Having been mandated by the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur to offer distance education at the college level, Cégep à distance has developed the infrastructure required to provide recognized, quality education.

    At every step of course development and provision, many steps are taken to ensure that the students are appropriately evaluated and that the education provided is credible. A thorough process is in place to guarantee the quality and validity of the courses and programs. For example, two professors from two different English-language CEGEPs work on every single English-language course offered to Cégep à distance students.

    Since Cégep à distance was founded in 1991, many of the courses we developed have won awards.

  2. Distance education is not recognized as equivalent.

    Reality! (What?)

    Cégep à distance courses are not recognized as equivalent: they’re the benchmark!

    Cégep à distance is part of the Collège de Rosemont, which is the only CEGEP mandated by the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur to develop distance education materials. Cégep à distance has been THE standard in college-level distance education since 1991.

    You can use our college-level courses to earn the missing credits you need to complete your DCS/DEC or ACS/AEC. If you choose non-credit courses, you can earn continuing education units.

  3. Distance education will affect my R score.

    Reality! (Wh-what?)

    Your R score will be affected…just as it would in a regular CEGEP 

    At Cégep à distance, your R score is calculated according to the official rules. In distance education, your R score is treated just as it is in other CEGEPs and will not be affected any differently than if you were studying in the classroom. Read our R score section for more details.

  4. As a Francophone CEGEP, the Collège de Rosemont/Cégep à distance is not prepared to serve non-Francophone clients.


    The Collège de Rosemont/Cégep à distance is an excellent distance education choice for Anglo-, Allo-, and Francophones.

    Since Cégep à distance is the standard for CEGEP-level distance education, it has unique expertise in the field. Armed with its extensive distance education experience, Cégep à distance has teamed up with professors from Anglophone CEGEPs to develop courses that reflect the reality and teaching methods of the Anglophone educational system.
    But Cégep à distance is not unique in this situation. Lots of other Francophone CEGEPs serve non-Francophone students.

    • Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    • Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles
    • Cégep Marie-Victorin
    • Collège O’ Sullivan
    • Cégep de Sept-Îles
  5. Distance education courses are not useful.

    Reality! (Wh-wh-what?)

    “Useful” is not the right word! Most of the courses are MANDATORY to earn a DEC or be accepted at university.

    The courses offered in English to Cégep à distance students are not only useful but necessary for finishing English-language diplomas or attestations! They are often general education courses or mandatory complementary courses for earning a diploma of college studies (DEC) in the Social Sciences or prerequisites for admission to some university programs. Check out our list of courses to find out more.

  6. In distance education, I’m entirely on my own.


    The Cégep à distance team accompanies our students from registration to graduation.

    Even though it’s “distance” education, we’re not far away. We’re working with you all the way.

    Our staff is there to answer your questions. Whether you want to ask about your educational path, the terms and conditions of enrolment, or how to get technical assistance, there’s always someone to help you.

    The learning materials are designed to make you completely independent in the learning process, but you can still count on the personalized support of a tutor. By phone or electronic messaging, this resource person answers your pedagogical questions, guides you in your learning, and helps you prepare for your exams.

    And then there is the discussion forum, which allows you to contact other students who are taking the course.

    Documents on time management, succeeding with distance education, and examination stress may also make your studies easier, and we put lots of other success tools at your disposal.
    Cégep à distance also offers a course called How to Succeed in College (360-FDR-FD), which we recommend for anyone going back to school after a break.

  7. Cégep à distance doesn’t offer the same services as a regular CEGEP.

    Reality! (Wh-wh-wh-what?)

    Other than coffee machines, Cégep à distance offers all the services you need to help you advance and achieve your educational goals.

    Le Cégep à distance offers the same services as other cégeps and more besides:

    • intake
    • analysis and evaluation of student profiles (service offered only by the French sector of Cégep à distance at this time)
    • academic advising
    • registration
    • tutoring
    • recognition of acquired competencies (service offered only by the French sector of Cégep à distance at this time)

    Our services rely on personalized contact with our students, with other institutions in the cégep network, and with our partners.

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